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The topic seem suited to those who claim to believe in one religion or the other. What about the atheist or those that believe in the theory of evolution?

Humans they say evolved from the Australopithecus africanus to the present day Homo sapien, though they differ not only intellectually but in other facets.

If one is asked; “what is the purpose of eating?” he answers ridiculously because of how sure he is, “definitely for the purpose of nutrition” one will answer. What is the purpose for clothing? To cover ones nakedness they answer. Ask man what his purpose of being in this world is. He gives you uncoordinated response, usually quoting what some other people say. Why didn’t he quote others when he was asked questions about food and clothing? I ask myself, why does this question lack a universal response?

Some believe that everything in this universe came to be by chance. This view to me seems impossible. Look at the alternation of the day and night, the perfect nature of the planets, the faultless architecture of the sky above us, the perfect carpet-like nature of the earth, the sea, rivers and lakes, the mountains serving as pegs to stabilize the earth, and the most fascinating is ourselves (man).

Take a look at the coordinated nature of the human systems. The brain, the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the excretory system and the overall homeostatic mechanisms of the human body are all wonders on their own.

Do you think all this came to be by chance? Chance is somewhat a probable situation. Ask yourself, if you are to number ten balls 1-10, and you are told to pick ball1 – ball10 in order. The probability of picking the right ball one after the other is in thousandths. This is a small piece compared to the perfection of the alternation of day and night.

To every conscious mind, the reality of the presence of a supernatural being comes to mind. This being should be the perfect programmer and maintainer of all this wonders. Is this being the Creator and fashioner of man? If yes, why did he create man? Did you go to school for the sole purpose of whiling away your time? A woman does not get pregnant just because she wants to feel the pangs of birth. Definitely this supernatural being did not create man for a foolish purpose.

How then do we know the purpose for our creation? The answer to this can be found right in us, we only need to search deep down in our soul.

Abraham, the father of the Believers, asked himself questions which he later found answers to through seeking answers from that creator of his. Allah informed us of Abraham in the Quran;

“when the night covered him over with darkness, he saw a star. He said “This is my Lord”. But when it set, he said “I like not those that set”. When he saw the moon rising up, he said; “This is my Lord”. But when it set, he said; “unless my Lord guides me, I shall surely be among the people who went astray”. When he saw the sun rising, he said; “This is my Lord. This is greater”. But when it set, he said; “O my people I am indeed free from all that you join as partners (in worship with Allah)”. Verily I have turned my face towards Him who has created the heavens and the earth and I am not of those that associate partners with Him”. Quran 6:76-79

Allah stated explicitly in the Quran;

“I did not create Jinn and man except for the purpose of my worship” Quran 51:6

My brothers and sisters, why do we show reluctance towards the worship of our creator? Let’s fulfill this primary purpose of our creation with all sincerity. That which is obligatory on you is not much, e can only decide adding the numerous voluntary acts to it.

All that are compulsory on you are only five;

1. Believing that there is no one worthy of your worship but Allah and that Muhammad is a servant and messenger of Allah

2. Observing the five compulsory daily prayers

3. Giving charity

4. Fasting in the month of Ramadan

5. Going for pilgrimage in the Holy land of Makkah

The five daily prayers will not take more than an hour out of your 24hrs. You will only give out alms to purify your wealth when it amasses to a particular level. You will fast compulsorily in a month out of 12 months which you are blessed with in a year. The pilgrimage can only be embarked on if you can afford it both financially and health-wise. Is this hard? I think it is not.

Allah promised those that follow His injunctions success in the hereafter. May He count us among the successful in the hereafter and save us from the torment of the fire of hell.



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